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Making Appointments Is Easy.

To Make an Appointment Online:

Patients may request for an appointment by phone or via our Patient Portal. Once you have logged onto your account, click the "Appointments" link and then click the "Request Appointment" option. All appointment requests are forwarded to the Front Office Coordinator for review. Please be prepared to describe the following when requesting an appointment:
  1. Time of day and day of week
  2. Referral source (physician, friend, provider directory, etc.)
  3. Area of the body (knee, shoulder, hip, neck, back, etc.)
  4. Side of the body (right or left)
  5. Insurance (insurance name & address, ID#, network, & phone number)
Appointment changes must be received by the office by the close of the schedule, the day prior to the appointment. Cancellations not received in time may result in a penalty fee.

You have several options when making an appointment.

Return Office Visit.
This is for follow up of a previously treated problem. A brief visit may be for a specific injection, a post-operative visit, or to review your progress, perhaps after an injection or physical therapy. These appointments are not appropriate for review of imaging studies such as MRIs or CTs. We will not have enough time during these visits to discuss proposed surgeries in detail.

Imaging Study Review Visit.
These appointments are for reviewing any tests we may have ordered, such as MRIs, CTs, Nerve Conduction Studies, Whole Body Bone scans, or Bone Density tests. Please be sure to bring all films and reports with you, unless you have confirmed with our staff that we have received them. There are no films with bone density tests or nerve conduction studies. Please be advised that these types of results must always be reviewed during an office appointment, not over the phone.

New Patient or New Problem for Existing Patient.
If we have not evaluated you for a particular problem, this is the appropriate appointment option to select. Existing patients will need to complete a new Orthopedic Concern form and Pain Diagram. New Patients will need to complete the New Patient paperwork including a Medical History questionnaire, Orthopedic Concern, and Pain Diagram. X-rays may be taken in the office of the affected body part before you see the physician or physician assistant. Please be sure to bring any medical records and films regarding the affected body area, so we may review them. Older x-rays and MRIs are often very helpful. Please be aware that it is our office policy to evaluate only one body area per office visit. It will be up to the physician or physician assistant to decide if they are able to evaluate more than one body area during your visit.

Consultation or Second Opinion.
This appointment option is for specialty evaluation usually ordered by another physician. If you have seen another surgeon, you must bring copies of the surgeon's records and studies for review. You will also need to complete the New Patient paperwork described above as well. We need you to bring all previous diagnostic studies performed prior to this appointment. Additional x-rays may be necessary and performed during this evaluation. Please allow adequate time for these extensive visits.

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